5 Hugely Powerful Tips for Social Media Marketing in 2015

5 Hugely Powerful Tips for Social Media Marketing in 2015


1. First step to establishing a brand: what do people love ?

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Seriously if you want to build a business it starts with relationships. And building that on social media is the same principle.

Start with thinking about and finding subjects people are interested in, not spamming and pitching your business . No one wants to do business with that person. So play it cool .Don’t come on too strong.

you have to be willing and focused on creating relationships if you  think you’re going to even whiff someone

wanting to do business with you. With social media it takes time, especially with people who don’t know you very well.

2. Now Be You- Be Different. Be Real.

What are 5 interests for you  ?  You do want to make network marketing one. But NOT your company specifically, people are looking to make a snap judgement and dismiss. Don’t give them the chance.

Try things like fitness, outdoors, sports, church , food ,etc. – things you’re actually into also of course.


People who lie to post motivational things might use something like -“fan of “The grind.” or  “Hustle”.

Try making it different than every other Tom, Dick and Harry out there.

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You Can’t Steal our Tunnel names


3. Leave them wanting more.

Ever barely knew someone and then they suddenly started pitching you on their products or business ?

How did that work out for them ? How did it make you feel ? Good ? Like you wanted to do business with them ?

Yeah right. You were screaming “Get me out of here!” at the computer after a week.

This means no call to action until after relationship !


Please, please , please, don’t ever start a conversation with someone online and then send them to your link. Not right away. Not even after awhile . Maybe point them to something you like, or training something motivational , but for heaven’s sake, not your opportunit6y. This will have you losing all thew power.

They’ll take one look , read an online review and say goodbye.

But if you show them value and refrain from pitching, eventually when they do ask for more information

then you can start to think about sharing a link wit them . Not before.

4. Focus on results

Instead of talking about product specifically, talk about results.Here’s one way you can create interest more quickly, if you do it right.  Success stories that focus on results from products. Whatever it is your business offers – a service that saves money, cards that solve that problem for when you are forgetful , weight loss,

people love success stories- and they are way easier to remember than just facts.

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Weeee !!!…no more numbers !

Those they can find interesting. But remember, just because someone shows a little interest it doesn’t mean pitch them right away.

But it is a way to open a door. Without blowing holes in relationships or losing credibility,


5. Eliminate your friends who are duds!

Attract people who want to be around you ! You know those people you’ve been “friends” with forever who you don’t really see or interact with, who really care nothing about your life or what’s going on other than their own? The ones you barely interact with ?

Take a minute and guess who’s likely to be negative about anything new for you. Yep, those people.

So here’s what you do: Prune them. get em’ out of there.

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You’re out of here, Debby Downer and Greg Grumblebuns !


Social engagement is the currency of social media.More engagement with your friends and followers  means the more you get back.

You want to start surrounding yourself with people you would want to associate with anyway, even in social media. Especially through social media for some.  Although this applies to all aspects of social media marketing, it is especially important for network marketers. Why? Because it distinguishes you as a real person.

Most of all keep learning.  Here’s where I got all my training for online marketing, including tips on how to build a 6 Figure Business completely online using only social media.