6 Questions to Close 60% More People in Network Marketing Today

6 Questions to Close 60% More  People in Network Marketing Today

One of the biggest weaknesses I find in people growing their  home business is a simple one: not creating enough sales.

Or rather not selling properly. That’s right. Not using proper sales technique can (surprise, surprise), alienate people from your business, your family, and destroy relationships.


And if the thought scares you than it probably means you should keep listening.

In what way? They don’t ask enough questions. They don’ t truly find a person’s pain points. Or there real need.


These 6 questions will help you really learn what you need to know so can really help someone else. .

I don’t mind admitting- This was something I stressed over and found some answers for in the these 6 questions.

1) Your Confidence

People are always buying you and unless you sound confident, no one will be interested in whatever you are doing.

Ask yourself, when was the last time you bought something when the person sounded scared or lacked confidence?
Desperation is never attractive. On the contrary, it’s a repellent.

2) Being Non-Salesy

Everyone hates salespeople so do NOT sell!

If you talk and sound like a salesperson, you are a salesperson and people will put up their guards and close their minds.

They will lose interest IMMEDIATELY.

The next tip will teach you how NOT sound like a salesperson and scare away your prospects.

being salesy


3) Don’t Talk too Much

A good rule to remember to prevent you from sounding like a salesperson is to NOT TALK TOO MUCH!

Just give a short summary of what the business is about using the Effective Presentation Formula and then just SHUT UP!

The more you talk, the more you will sound like a salesperson and you will lose your prospects.

Or worse, you will bore your prospects and lose them forever.

I know… I know… you are excited about your  network marketing products but without getting a persons needs you’re taking the hard road- which just might end up to nowhere.


People don’t buy because what you want to sell. They buy because its something they want.

1) what’s the challenge ? Identify the problem or the “pain”
2) what is the challenge keeping you from ? What’s the end goal ? What do they want ?
3) what other solutions have you tried ? What other events have you attended ? how much have they paid in the past ? Free stuff or paid- gauge how much  they can invest
4) What did you like about that solution
5) what didn’t you like about those solutions ?
6) what are you hoping for in your next solution ?


Finding the prospects truth is the most important thing you can do.

And this leads to your final question ( it’s a bonus, and the one that will help you close sales. )

7) If I could show you how you could get the results you wanted that would change your life is that worth 15 minutes of your time right now ?

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