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Video Marketing Deconstructed Part 2

Video Marketing Part 2 Not long ago in previous post (Which you can find here ), I detailed some into tips on vido marketing. This post will be a sort of Part 2 and go over some new things you…

3 Vital Tips To Increase Retention in Your Network Marketing Business

MLM Tips: 3 Tips to Increase Retention! Increase Retention in your MLM with a few easy simple steps.First step: following what someone else has already done successfully. You don’t have to re-create the wheel. And that’s great. Weekly training webinars…

Why you Should Never Ask Someone to Join Your Network Marketing Business

There’s  one thing that cannot be denied about  network marketing: if you don’t get eyeballs on your company presentation.   Lots of people want more results in their network marketing recruiting but they aren’t doing a darn thing about it.…

Get Leads with YouTube Video Marketing Today

Get Leads with YouTube Video Marketing Today Want to grow  a business online ? In a world where buyers do most of their own research online , Grabbing the attention of potential customers is more important than ever  We have…

How to Make Your First $1,000

 How to Make Your First $1,000 from Home Making your first $1,000 from home is usually the hardest . Why? Because it takes belief in yourself and whatever vehicle you’ve chosen. There are two primary things that prevent people from…

Keyword Research Competition Tips and Tutorial 2015

Here’s why keyword research competition is important in 2015. Google ( and all the other search engines)   is trying to connect searchers with the content they might be looking for. You want to start by thinking about the topics…

Social Network Marketing: Why Your Not Selling More

Social Network Marketing-Why You’re Not Selling More It’s no secret that thing s form the past like  knowing ‘How to Ask the Right Questions at the Right Time’… and ‘Listening to What is Being Meant, Not Just What is Being…

Social Monkee Review 2015 Rank More Content Socially

Social Monkee Review 2015 Rank More Content Socially In creating this Social Monkee review, I was really forced to re-evaluate the search engine changes over the last year and take out my bias against automated software. Why? Because in the…

Creating More Success Stories Live the Dream 2015

“IF YOU DON’T MAKE IT TO THIS EVENT, YOU ARE GOING TO BE A STATISTIC, AND YOU WILL FAIL” Here’s a typical story from this event …and why I’m actually recommending it…. He was making $50,000+ per month… I was…

A Home Business Blog ? But Why ?

So Why Start a Home Business Blog ? home business blog

One thing is for sure right now: the home business industry is booming.

In fact, a new home-based business is created every 12 seconds in the United States, ( )

Here’s a simple truth; people want more time and more freedom in their lives, and for many, a

home business can be the path that leads them there.

Notice that I said “can”.

ryan shaffer home business

Here’s why: most people who start a home business never really make any money. It’s true, look it up. Here is the reason: they never get trained properly.

I want this blog to be different. So here’s how I can help: I’ve been there. If you’re new and just starting I understand what you’re thinking if everything seems so new and there’s a lot of information overload out there.

Or if you’re frustrated- it took me years before I started making any money from home – much less several thousand dollar$ a month .

And while I’ve learned a ton of things along the way, I also know the biggest was to give value back is to help pass on what I found valuable and helped me. In my past business we learned far more from our mistakes than our successes- and I know can help other folks just like yourself get in the black quicker in their own venture.

ryan shaffer home business blog

So hopefully you find it here, and feel free to hit me up on my Facebook page for questions – or simple leave comments and I’ll try to answer whatever I can.