Automate Your Home Business- 4 Time-Saving Methods You Need

4 Vital Steps To Automate your Home Business


Running your homes business means wearing a lot of hats and if you’re doing it part-time it means having to cram as much as you can into as little time as possible.

Here are 4  Time-Saving Methods You Need to help save you time and effort in your home business venture.

Social media isn’t my thing, But I have finally found the secret (I think ) to at least some success.

It is  actually quite obvious, it’s just that I was too selfish to realize the compounding effects made possible by being a person who shares value earlier.

For me, the key to being effective on social media is making an effort to develop relationships first, not waiting, selfishly posting your own links for people to come to you.

When people see this it makes you more attractive to cooperate and even partner with – but it takes time.

Consistency over time allows you, even empowers you , to build real, genuine connections with people and will ultimately gain a following.

So how do you do this?

By taking small steps each day to reach out and appreciate other people’s content.

–  Liking, commenting and sharing on Facebook
–   Retweeting and replying on Twitter
–  Liking, commenting and following on Instagram

Programs like and Hootsuite ( and there are others out there ) allow you to schedule posts across a number of platforms
and set them up ahead of time.

Email Automation

Nothing works as well as  with consistent “fan-building” as email marketing does. It’s a tried and true workhorse that makes your success its focus. But it’s tough to be that consistent on your own.
Plus we all know follow up is the biggest factor to success in your business , and it’s also the hardest to accomplish unless your super organized and super, super plugged in. I’m not one of those people.
I like t have room to improvise, and found solutions to allow it and build more time into my life.

So…automate it ! you can schedule a week’s worth of message- or longer on a Sunday and be done with it ! Here’s how:

Email service providers Get Response and Aweber ( as well as plenty of others out there ) that give you everything you need to automate email marketing.

Virtual Team Members

tasks that you have been able spend significantly more time working “on” your business as opposed to “in” your business, which unsurprisingly leads to growth.

So what next?

You need to grow your team.

Sites like oDesk and PeoplePerHour can hook you up with affordable independent contractors.

As “getting the right people on the bus” is of paramount importance to the success of any business.

Thus, it is best that you as the business owner, has the final say on each hire you bring into your business.


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