Using Facebook in Network Marketing-5 Powerful Tips

Using Facebook in Network Marketing 5 Powerful Tips

What most people need to understand first- is that Facebook is a place for relationships. Focus on connecting and building trust and you will do great. Try to sell something and you wont.

When it comes to building your business, lots of people have question about building it online, especially through Facebook and using Facebook in Network Marketing.Think about it- it makes sense. Everyone ‘s on there.And you have a great product or service- a lot to bring to the table.

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But how do you present it properly without alienating everyone you know?

Is there a good way – a proven method, to building a biz through social media and avoiding some of the landmines people just like you have faced ?

Yes, there is -and here are a few tips from folks that have built a business completely online through Facebook; the intelligent aspect here is to look for commonalities, what do all the same people having success keep in common?
What are they doing differently that everyone else isn’t ?


First, remember: You want to create something where people look at you and ask “‘what the heck are they doing?” You are really selling a lifestyle, so when you can show yourself having fun and hanging out with great people, you become attractive and are able to recruit prospects.

You want to attract people and be around people that are positive and you’d want to grow with.

Forget the negative downers out there. they can stay where they are. Weed them out ! It’s pruning time!

Many new marketers are attracted to Facebook thinking it’s an easy way to spread their MLM opportunity or products throughout the social network. Many use it as their voice to talk about their MLM but unfortunately many find out quickly that this is not an effective way.

If you are going to eventually post about your specific company focus on the results people are getting from products or services, not the amount of money people are making.

This puts you in bad company, and many folks will be alienated simply by the claims you are making , even if they are 100% true. Doesn’t matter.
Instead single out the great results and stories people have and use those to create curiosity instead.

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