How to Make Your First $1,000

 How to Make Your First $1,000 from Home

Making your first $1,000 from home is usually the hardest . Why?

Because it takes belief in yourself and whatever vehicle you’ve chosen.

There are two primary things that prevent people from getting past their first thousand dollar month.

Those two things are belief and concern over self-image. They don’t have the belief that they can do it or that hey;ll succeed; trying new things can be scary and it definitely takes getting out of your comfort zone  but one you do it becomes easier each time.

People that fall into this category will avoid what they should do to stay in their comfort zone.

It does not good to study and study and study but never approach anyone or vbe so averse to rejection that you;re secretly looking for this as proof that something can’t be done.


Of why they cannot have MLM success and they shrink back into their shell versus realize that prospecting is simply a math game for beginners where you DON’T recruit a high percentage of people that you reach out to.

Self image protection is another factor that vastly hurts would-be successes. .

“What will they say?”

“What if I look stupid?”

Questions like this ruin dreams, preventing them again from doing the activity that not only might change their lives but also the lives of others. Too many people in this stage have more concern with their self image than any concern for impacting others, in a way it can be viewed as actually selfish.

As far as the actions and what MY suggestions are to achieve the first $1,000 in online MLM success, they are 1. Create a piece of content everyday (blog, video, article) that is sharing 1-3 tips that you have learned AND have a prospecting number goal. Even reaching out to just 3 per day will build you serious MLM success if done over time.

make your first  $1000 from home


Imagine a time when YOUR clients or teammates thank YOU. That will ONLY happen if you get into action and get past the obstacles I talk about in this article. You can get to wherever you want to go from where you are, isn’t it time to take that journey seriously?

We believe in you and hope you got value from this article.

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