Laying The Ground Work For Your Home Business


It’s going to sound like a bad punchline:

if you got the chance to ask Donald trump how he’d make his money again if he lost everything, what do you think he’d say ?

(Keep in mind when i wrote this well before the election and before he decided to run for president, et al . you know the rest-

it’s a politics -aside story )….

Needless to say , sources vary , but the story has a number of witnesses- the audience laughed at his answer, and Trump, who is not someone who strikes me as a man who enjoys being laughed at, responded, “That’s why I’m up here and you’re down there.”

His answer: Direct Selling ( also called Network marketing.)


laying groundwork home biz

So Let’s be clear:
I don’t care whether you get into network marketing or not. It won’t affect me. Either you will be open to the idea and possibly decide hey, there is something to this, or not.
And if you decide not that’s great it’s probably not for you.

But for a lot of people, the right people-  it can be a great and viable way to earn extra money, learn business skills and save  some money on taxes while doing so.

For some it can  mean a change in lifestyle too.

There’s always room for more audience members, but the number of people invited on stage are few and far between. Which are you? More importantly, which do you want to be, plan to be?

And, are you wondering—like I did—if  it’s just a handful of lucky people who actually make money in the industry of direct selling?

That’s a fair question.

Over the last few years, this particular industry has produced more millionaires than the professional sports and entertainment industries combined!


Laying the groundwork for home biz



Lots of people are simply just trying to make extra money to pay their bills, or they truly desire to create enough additional income to quit their current job. Are you one of those people ?


This industry offers people the ability to do both on their own schedules. While working a full-time job.

That’s the beauty of direct selling and why I now believe in it.

  • -Direct selling (or network marketing) allows you to cross the line from being simply an employee to being a business owner and creating assets.
  • -It allows you a person to create exponential income.
  • -Is a vehicle to build a big business with minimal investment and minimal time commitment. You make your own hours ( but that also means you’ll probably be writing yourself really small checks if you half-ass a venture. )


Does that mean it’s for everyone? Absolutely not !!  And that’s fine.

It’s important to learn your strengths and weaknesses. But finding your weaknesses is not the same as allowing yourself to stop growing. On the contrary it’s important to test yourself to keep building. Complacency is what kills the spirit in us.  

As an employee, the cards are stacked against you, and the only way to overcome that quickly is by getting on the proper side of the equation, and the best way to do that is STARTING a home business.


As an employee, you’re at a disadvantage because no matter the job, your employer is always going to pay you as little as possible but just enough to keep you from quitting and working for someone else. That’s simply the harsh truth of business. But when you become a business owner, everything shifts. You now have the control over what happens.


laying groundwork for home biz

A home business—particularly direct selling—offers a real-world education that one can’t get from a classroom or from book study.

It’s also the type of education that makes people uncomfortable, because it involves learning new things and improving at them.

Here are a few more reasons this industry can greatly benefit an individual:

  • Time-management skills
  • People skills
  • Goal setting
  • Clear communication skills
  • Accountability
  • Money-management skill
  • Investing skills

Most businesses run a zero-sum game: you get yours at the expense of someone else. Direct selling is different because the people working around you want you to succeed. Your success does not come at the expense of anyone else; therefore, there is a support system in place to help you get where you need to go.

Educating yourself is the key: not necessarily going back to school, which is simply scholastic education, but learning to create assets (a real-world education) that will enable YOU to stop becoming the only asset you possess.

“Formal education will make you a living; self-education will make you a fortune.”- Jim Rohn

  1. Decide on a course of action
  2. Commit to it
  3. Resolve to not quit until you’ve gotten results


It’s Time to Take Your Life Back

Perhaps this doesn’t sound like it’s for you; maybe  you want to pursue other forms  of creating additional income part-time, such as real estate investing. (Yes, there are people who are still making money in real estate in this market, but it’s certainly not easy.) Or maybe you want to learn to trade stock options or get into day trading. There are plenty of courses out there that can teach you more about utilizing the present economy to your advantage and reaping impressive benefits in these fields. Either one will take a considerable amount of money to garner significant profits and a considerable amount of time learning new skills for these trades. This is why I often come back to direct selling—it’s a business anyone can afford. But again, it’s not for everyone, and I won’t pretend that it is. Find something that suits your own tastes and unique goals. You want to find something that fits your interests and personality, not attempt to nail a square peg into a round hole.

Are those other avenues easier? That depends on you. If your desire and commitment are great enough (provided you have been armed with the necessary knowledge), results will follow in anything you pursue. The important thing is you get started soon and take action.

The minute you stop learning and growing is the minute you start dying.