Mastering the Fear of Rejection- 7 Life -Altering Tips

Mastering the  Fear of Rejection- 7 Life -Altering Tips

Rejection means people aren’t ready yet to see something bigger.That’s all.  Move on and remember that at one time you might not have been ready to embrace something larger yourself. It doesn’t mean give up on them.

People like this are still coin –operated. They show and get paid, but that’s it.  But don’t ever let it -or them- ever define you.


Mastering the Fear of Rejection

Here’s a few really, really important questions you need to ask yourself honestly:


all successful entrepreneurs want to embrace and get through the failures as quickly as possible. YOU WIN OR YOU GROW ! YOU KEEP GOING ! YOU NEVER LOSE !


mastering the fear of rejection


You Measure a life by the # of experiences and the INTENSITY OF THE EXPERIENCES-

How do you want yours to be measured ? I already know it’s not by lack of trying…or you wouldn’t be reading this.

Opportunity -how do you feel about opportunity ?


what do you look at it like What are you afraid of ?

Network marketing –

do you have a complex about it ? never apologize for this gift. For entrepreneurs, we offer an option. Lift your chin up and realize you have a solution.

Your Past- Don’t let it define you


. You’re the hero in your own movie; what part of the movie are you in ?

Work-How do you feel about work ? Is it pain and suffering? Or something else ?

Are you willing to put in extra effort ? To try something new ? To put up with people saying no and maybe, even yes–not liking you ?

Catch to network marketing-ignorant people will think less of you.

Oh no! people that don’t have anything invested in you already and want you to stay the same as them will look down on you Please.Everyone that’s ever accomplished anything of value has had to risk not being accepted by some people , whether it’s their friends , family or people aligned against the. This is a test.

What do you want ?

I mean really, really want.  Do you have it written down ? A set of goals to help you get there ? If it’s more, you will come across people that will oppose you or not support you. Are you strong enough to overcome.

I think you can be. I think you are. But do you ?


Lack of social acceptance-

this knocks more people out of network marketing than anything else.

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Think about it. Are you spending too much time worrying about what others , especially those close to you- think?

Is it holding you back from what you really want to achieve? Let’s hope not.


Stop doing the dance for people that don’t care about you.

Embrace the people that are naturally attracted to you! These are the people you wan to work with.

Similar goals. Maybe not interests but goals. Drive. Passion. They’re out there.Find more of them and

Invest in each other.


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