SEO for Rookies Three Part Training (Section 1)

SEO for Rookies Three Part Training (Section 1)


SEO for Rookies-

The good news is, it’s fairly easy to get a basic understanding of what it takes to improve your SEO.

Basically, to get found in the search engines when you create content and by doing so, get people to relate to you, without you having ever met them.
But then again – just like Tom Hanks character says in A League of their Own, ” If it was easy, everyone would do it. ”
so let’s put it this way: it’s not THAT had when you follow the rules.

Depending on the size of your company/website, you might want to outsource the job of SEO optimization to an expert, or you may realize after reading all of this series on my blog ( or watching the accompanying videos ) that you may be able to handle it on your own.


SEO for Rookies- The First Steps ( Baby Steps )

It all starts with knowing what to look for and that’s I get into this video here. Keyword research.

How do you know what phrases are most effective for success ?
This is how.

A good rule of thumb is a 1-3% keyword density rate.

Long Tail Keywords

Once you know your keyword you’re targeting,

Adding words like “2014,” “List,” or “Guide” to your keyword can increase your search engine ranking for these long tail keywords. This can greatly help you diversify the draw that your website’s search engine optimization accomplishes.

Only include the keyword where it feels natural – do not feel compelled to cram the keyword into every sentence, or even every paragraph. It won’t make sense and eventually you’ll get penalized by the Big G ( Google ).


Stay tuned for the next  edition and I’ll show you what’s next in Your SEO for rookies journey.

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