Social Monkee Review 2015 Rank More Content Socially

Social Monkee Review 2015 Rank More Content Socially

In creating this Social Monkee review, I was really forced to re-evaluate the search engine changes over the last year and take out my bias against automated software. Why? Because in the end automation is key to entrepreneur. To the online marketer as well.
Like many other folks out there, almost overnight I lost a monthly income of thousand$ from changes to the search engines and their algorithms;not fun- and something i don’t plan on letting happen again.

so I’m very aware of the risks I take these days when using any tool- and recommending it as well.

The quality of links (and the quantity)¬† in Social Monkee can be used for results, if you follow the methods I’m teaching in this video.

If you are trying to use it ( especially the basic version ) to rank your own site or blog then not only is it going to take a long time to see results it could also¬† be a great way to get penalized by the big G and you probably don’t see much of a result anyway.

So that is why I produced this vid- to give to a leg up on on everyone else- one you can use not just one time but in the future.

At times it certainly can seem attractive to get an automated traffic generator and rankings booster, and this is where you have to be smart and keep in mind that the best way to do things,especially on your site or blog- is and will continue to be by natural ways. That takes time. This method will help you cut into that time by leveraging thew power of other sites, authority sites that already get plenty of traffic and interaction naturally.

This is where the use of authority sites comes in. Watch again right here if you want:

Social Monkee Review 2015- Here’s More

Want to know where I learned this technique ?

The system I use – and where I learned almost everything I know about marketing online -allows folks just like myself ( and you ) to constantly add new methods and
improve their marketing efforts online.Here’s where you can find it.