Video Marketing Deconstructed Part 2

Video Marketing Part 2

Not long ago in previous post (Which you can find here ), I detailed some into tips on vido marketing.

This post will be a sort of Part 2 and go over some new things you can add, but mostly it will focus on

Youtube Channel setup, because this part is huge and integral  to your niche.



1. Update Channel Description & Keywords

If you click on the about tab of your channel you will notice you can add a description of your channel.

Use an honest statement of what your channel offers and use this opportunity to include relevant niche keywords.

Don’t go all out crazy keyword stuffing. Keep things human friendly :)

 Google wants to know that it’s natural and written by a person.

Upload Channel Art


The first thing you should do is upload some channel art.

This is the header image that spans across the top of your channel and you can put whatever you like on it!

youtube channel blog snip

This screenshot is what it looks like before you add anything. ( Well, there’s my profile pics in the left corner I guess. )

I included the award logos to build credibility with potential new subscribers.

You can download a template from YouTube to create your own.


Add Channel Links

In the bottom right corner of my channel art above you’ll notice some text that says ‘Click Here To Visit My Blog’ along with some social icons.

YouTube lets us add these links to our channel easily and I suggest you do the same.

When you uploaded your channel art you may have noticed a second option that says edit links.

Add a link to your site as well as all of the links to your social profiles. There are nearly 20 different social profiles you can link up!

This is right near where your art is too.


YouTube Video Optimization

So you have your video resources prepared and you have optimized your channel.

A side note, when creating your video remember you have less than 15 seconds to convince your audience to stick around.

The way I do this is by opening with ‘What You Will Learn’ and quickly listing what I’ll be teaching. I do this in both my videos and blog posts.

So now you have a video ready to upload, complete with your intro, outro and calls to action!


Thumbnail Optimization

During our video resource preparation we created a YouTube video thumbnail template.

Just open that up, change up the text/colours and click on customised thumbnail.

Upload it and this thumbnail will be used in search results & relevant video listings throughout the network.

youtube thumbnail customization snip


If you added any calls to action or outro to your video you need to head over to the annotations section.

This is what the Link Emperor video looks like in the annotations editor-



Closed Caption Optimization

The last point of optimization for your video is with the closed captions feature.

A lot of people skip over this but what it allows you to do is upload a full transcript of the video.

YouTube automatically syncs this up with the video which serves a couple of important purposes.


youtube closed caption

It looks like this …(usually with better lighting of course )

Creating Your Own Calls To Action

First of all you will need to work out what kind of calls to action you’ll be using.

Where do you want people to go  ? What do you want them to do  ?

For me I wanted to direct people to my blog or to more of my training.(Especially free training, I want to build relationships and help people. )

Sometimes I might  use something to direct people to  my social channels. You can of course use any of these options.




Title Optimization

The title of your video should include your primary keyword as close to the start as possible.

Just like with onpage SEO of your website don’t go crazy with keyword stuffing.

In my Link Emperor example I just kept it simple with-

Link Emperor Review & Tutorial – An Easy To Use Link Building Service

Description Optimization

The description also provides a few opportunities to scatter our keywords and improve the on page SEO of the video.

I always start my descriptions with a link to my blog/relevant post/website on the first line.

Then I use a unique description about the video interweaving in my primary and secondary keywords where possible.

Finally, I use up any remaining characters/words with a partial transcript of the video.

This lets you get picked up for lots of extra long tails while making the most of the description field.


Tag Optimization

This is one of the most overlooked areas of YouTube video optimization.

A couple of minor tweaks can have a massive impact!

YouTube uses these tags to help it work out what your video is about and to display it in search results and/or as a related video.

So before I unveil my secret twist to take advantage of this, enter your primary & secondary keywords.

You may also pick some of the relevant keywords that YouTube suggests as well!

A YouTube Tag Optimization Twist

Remember the image before where all of my videos dominated the related video suggestions in the sidebar? I just recently learned this and have started employing it in all my videos.


I add the following 3 tags to every single video on my channel-

  • Ryan Shaffer
  • RyanShaffer


This way when people look at your content and vids YouTube will associate more of your content together. If you create playlists they’ll group more of your stuff together; and this is what you want !