This is an experiment.  I started a home business business about 24 month ago and quickly learned I wasn’t good at selling

or promoting my business or really any of the traits a person should have to make the initial funds to get going. But I did like learning and didn’t mind presenting, s I started looking for a better way. That’s when I discovered there was a method to work that same business using the internet. I got more and more training, found a system that worked and started getting into profit.

I also built a blog that was getting 1000’s of views and really pushing my business along in a hands- free way. Fast forward a few months, and due to what is essentially a clerical error , that blog didn’t get renewed and I lost it plus all my content and the training I’d created.

This new blog today is an attempt to both re-create some of that content and update it with new ideas that might help someone just like me-

that person who didn’t think it was possible to make money from their home or simply from a computer but was eager to add value and wanted something more.

Hopefully you’ll get something out of this and please don’t hesitate to reach out and connect.






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