Why you Should Never Ask Someone to Join Your Network Marketing Business

There’s  one thing that cannot be denied about  network marketing: if you don’t get eyeballs on your company presentation.


Lots of people want more results in their network marketing recruiting but they aren’t doing a darn thing about it. They are ALWAYS learning, and attending events yet not showing anyone the presentation. That won’t produce income though.

 never ask people to join in network marketing



Getting people to view your presentation to is absolutely vital.


I’ve found most people that struggle to get any results with MLM recruiting have a few common characteristics:

1. They are looking to “get” someone.

2. They feel people should join them because they need help.

3. They hate the idea of sales.

Here’s how to turn this around.






The problem with all three of the above is they are selfish ways to look at the world and that way of thinking will never help you actually achieve network marketing success. Here’s how I think:

1. My product can help people – meaning I can help people.

2. People should join me IF and WHEN they see the value.

3. Exchanging money for value and convenience is always are a smart way to do business.

Lead with value and over deliver.

lead with value




You must learn to see what you are doing as being worth more than what it costs OR you will constantly struggle with MLM recruiting. We recruit people almost exclusively online.  But it still is about building and strengthening relationships. We start though, by leading with value and getting lots and lots of people to view our presentation- or in many cases- the right presentation for them.

Basing your business on delivering value and it will change the way people perceive you and do business with you.

It may change the way you ask people the closing question AND the way you think about recruiting.

Here’s where we start to get more people to join us in our business using the internet rather than more old-fashioned methods.